Proms and School Dances

DON'T GET RIPPED OFF! There are dishonest scam limo companies out there. The cheapest PRICE may not
be the best DEAL.

Its always a good idea no matter which company you choose, to go look at the fleet before you put your
money down. Prom night, while dressed in all your finery, is not the time to find out that your limousine
was built while you were still in grade school.

That won't happen with a Blackstone. At Blackstone, we want you to have a fun, safe and a positive
memorable experience for your school dance. With our fleet of late model, fully licensed, insured and
professionally driven limousines, we are sure that you will enjoy your formal event.


10 Things you should know about Limousines for Proms

1. Ask about the age of the vehicle.

2. Get an email or fax with an exact Price Quote.

3. If you can, visit the vehicle before booking.

4. Ask if the operator has Insurance and ask for proof.

5. Ladies, bring along a jacket - late night Proms can
become very chilly.

6. Arrange the payment with your friends before the
limo arrives, that way no one is stuck paying more than
their fair share.

7. Make sure to plan enough time for your restaurant -
formal dinners can take more than 2 1/2 hours.

8. Ask if the company belongs to the National
Limousine Association - verify this at the NLA site.

9. Ask what other clients use the service - ask about
letters of reference.

10. If the Chauffeur shows up and demands more
money, show him the contract.